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Very windy with scattered showers, wind starting to moderate this evening

Issued at 11am Tuesday 21 October
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Tynwald resumes this morning after the summer recess.

A weighty order paper awaits members, with a number of statements, financial motions and reports to consider. more...

The high winds have led to travel problems in the Irish Sea this morning. more...

A vision for the future of the Victoria Road prison site in Douglas has been published. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Very windy this afternoon with west or northwest winds up to severe gale at times, gusts to 65 or 70mph likely to cause some damage and disruption before starting to moderate later this afternoon and evening with a more significant decrease overnight. There’ll be showers at times through the afternoon and it will feel cold with temperatures only getting to 10 or 11 Celsius at best

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Gaelic News

Island must make its position clear

Shegin da'n Ellan jannoo baghtal raad t'ee ny shassooTa'n Ard Shirveishagh gra dy lhisagh Mannin shaghney çheet dy ve tayrnit stiagh ayns resoonaght erbee mychione jee veanaghey.Ta Allan Bell er ve gra dy lajer nagh vel yn Ellan ny halloo more...