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Cloudy and quite windy. Rain tomorrow.

Issued at 11:30 am, on Sunday 21st December 2014.
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If you live in exposed and / or low-lying coastal areas there's a warning to be prepared for the possibility of flooding in four separate months next year.

The Department of Infrastructure is urging you to think ahead if you could be affected by this. more...

The Island's Pakistani community hosts a candlelight vigil on Sunday night in protest of an attack in Peshawar earlier this week more...

Isle of Man Post Office has collaborated with the German Post Office to produce a set of stamps and a specially-minted coin to mark the centenary of the Christmas Day truce in World War One more...

Current Weather Conditions

A cloudy, dull and breezy day, but dry for much of the time with only a little patchy light rain or drizzle possible. Maximum temperature 12°C, with strong southwest winds. Tonight spells of heavier and more persistent rain will develop.

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Business News

Island retains Moody's Aa1 rating

The Island's credit rating with Moody's has remained the same, Aa1, which has been welcomed by Treasury Minister Eddie Teare more...

Gaelic News

Post Office and Nunnery the focus of Keys questions

Arrey currit da'n Oik Postagh as da'n Ynnyd Ollooscoill ayns feyshtyn sy Chiare as FeedVa daa Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed soit dy gheddyn laue yn eaghtyr er feyshtyn sy Chiare as Feed jea (yn çheyoo laa jeig Mee ny more...