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Soon becoming dry.

Issued at 9:00 am, Tuesday 29th July 2014.
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After years of planning and months of engineering work, 4G launches on the Island today.

The faster mobile broadband, provided by Manx Telecom, will bring speeds of up to seven times faster than the company’s 3G service. more...

A new exhibition space has opened in Douglas, and the first big show opened on Monday night more...

A man accused of causing greivous bodily harm will appear in court later this morning. more...

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Cloudy at first today with some hill mist and patchy light rain and drizzle. However, from 10 or 11 o'clock onwards it will be dry and some bright or sunny intervals will develop. Afternoon temperatures 17 to 19°C, with light or moderate west or northwest breezes. Tonight will then be dry.

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Guernsey has business advantage over IoM, claims airline boss

Ta vondeish ghellal ec Guernsey er Mannin, ta fer toshee lhuingys aer graArd Offishear Sheckteragh lhuingys aer Ghuernsey, t'eh er chraidey mysh yn aght ta Mannin croghey er easyJet son troailt gys as veih Gatwick.Aurigny Air Services (ny Shirveishyn Aer more...