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Turning wet and windy tomorrow.

Issued at 4:40 pm, Thursday 20th November 2014.
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The managing director of the company which plans to open sub-post offices to replace the main post offices in Ramsey and Douglas says all existing staff will be able to apply for jobs.

19 workers at Regent Street and Parliament Street Post Offices found out about the proposed closures earlier this week. more...

A local charity says drug addiction on the Island tends to start with cannabis and ecstasy. more...

The Manx Utilities Authority says a planned power outage due to take place tomorrow has been postponed. more...

Current Weather Conditions

Staying dry but mostly cloudy through this evening and overnight, as the southeasterly winds gradually increase to become fresh to strong. Minimum temperature 7°C.

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Gaelic News

Union questions legality of pensions reforms

Ta sheshaght cheirdey feyshtey leighoilid aa chummey penshynLught heshaght cheirdey skimmee yn reiltys, Prospect, t'ad gra dy jean ad scrutaghey gagh fockle jeh treealtyssyn noa, oddagh geginagh e h olteynyn dy eeck tooilley son nyn benshynyn son lhiassyn sloo.Yn çhiaghtin more...