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Cloudy start to the day, some hazy sunshine developing

Issued at 8:15am, Friday 19th September 2014.
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A statement on the Scottish independence referendum result has just been issued by Chief Minister Allan Bell.

It says he is looking forward to a continuation of the Island’s positive relationship with the Scottish government following the outcome of the country’s referendum on independence. more...

An online petition has been set-up to save the iconic Grandstand scoreboard more...

Two accountants from an Isle of Man tax planning company have been cleared of cheating the UK taxman out of a million pounds more...

Current Weather Conditions

It will be rather cloudy and hazy for much of today with some mist over the hills this morning, but the cloud will thin at times to allow some hazy sunshine to break through, particularly this afternoon. Still quite warm with afternoon temperatures reaching up to 20°C with a light east or north-easterly breeze. The cloud will thicken again tonight bringing a risk of a few spots of rain, with lowest temperature of 13°C.

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Business News

Students and employers gain from STEP scheme

Island undergraduates who took part in this year's STEP scheme have been praised for their enterprise and innovation more...

Gaelic News

Critic upbeat about future of Island film

Cremeyder lane yerkallagh son jeidjys fillym yn Ellan sy traa ry heetFer jeh ny filmyn jerrinagh va paart jeh jeant syn Ellan, oddagh eh ve feer speeideilagh as cooney lesh goo mie yn Ellan ayns seihll ny filmyn. Shen y credjue more...